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To mark the 10th Anniversary of the release of 'The Killer Album' back in 2000 we started featuring exclusive interviews with members of the crew. This started with an extensive interview with Kermit, who talks about the Assassins, the Killer Album, Shaun Ryder, Bentley Rhythm Ace, his Millennium Bug theories and even Eartha Kitt! We're hoping to add interviews with the other (Dangerous) Two over time. You can also read the Press Release that was sent out to music sites and publications to mark this anniversary.

Press Release : 10th Anniversary of a UK Cult Classic
Interview : Kermit, Summer 2000

Articles and Reviews

This section has expanded to cover a wider range of publications. Take a look at 'What the Music Papers Said' for a selection of cuttings from reviews of the 'Killer Album' appearing in NME, The Face, Sounds and the like.

Article from February 1988

The Face
John McCready's article about the 'Killer Album', April 1990

Hip-Hop Connection
The Assassins' 10 Favourite LPs
Review of Drone Session EP
Review of 'The Killer Album'
Andy Cowan's 'Killer on the Loose' Article, July 1990
Review of Justice Remix
Michael Leonard's 'Serial Killers' article from February 1991
Review of 'Think, It Ain't Illegal Yet' LP
Marcus Preece's 'Manic Statement' article, November 1991
August 1992...Split!

New Musical Express
Review of the Drone Session EP, March 1989
Review of 'The Killer Album', June 1990

Record Mirror
Release of Just Mellow
Release of Justice Remix

Soul Underground
Article by Brian B from September 1988

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