Ruthless Rap Assassins: 10 Killer Albums

10. EPMD: 'Strictly Business'
"They got funky."
9. Ultramagnetic MCs: 'Critical Beatdown'
"In a world of their own."
8. Just-Ice: 'Kool & Deadly'
"The way reggae should sound in the '90s, way ahead of its time."
7. Awesome Dre: 'You Can't Hold Me Back'
"A lyrical rampage to leave a stain on your brain."
6. De La Soul: '3 Feet High & Rising'
"A milestone in rap."
5. Run DMC: 'Raising Hell'
"The Don album, Run DMC in full and total effect, their best."
4. Jungle Brothers: 'Straight Out The Jungle'
"A perfect union of old school and new school."
3. Ice-T: 'Rhyme Pays'
"'No sell out here, my man', reality runnings."
2. BDP: 'By All Means Necessary'
"Lyrically saying something no-one has said before."
1. Public Enemy: 'Yo! Bumrush The Show'
"Out of nowhere, a genuine turning point for rap."