[Scanned Article] 'Oh God, not another Manchester dance act' could be the cry from those who've never heard of the Ruthless Rap Assassins. But rather than another bunch of bandwagon-jumping, indie puddle suckers, these boys have been making hardcore rap ripples for well over three years. Breaking new ground in UK hip hop with their distinctive 'North Hulme Sound' has become a way of life for the trio - Dangerous Hinds, Kermit and Dangerous C. Not for them the crotch-grabing, phoney Yank accents and sexist monotony of other British rappers.

Their latest single, 'Juse Mellow', proves the point. It's laid back, rolling, guitar-scrubbed groove, distinguished as ever by their unrivalled wit and lyrical vision expressed in accessible Mancunican tones. On the flipside, Record Mirror's remix master Norman Cook manages to add a sparser, new drum-based dimension to the track. With their ass-kicking album 'The Killer' just around the corner, the Ruthless Rap Assassins will quickly emerge as the major force in home grown rhyme - or I'll eat my British Knights.

Richie Blackmore