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These are all hosted at YouTube. You'll be able to find various utilities (such as RealPlayer) that would allow you to download the files for offline viewing. So far I've uploaded all the Rap Assassins Videos, and included some related videos, including a number of interviews from 1990. A couple of Kiss AMC videos are now up too.

Ruthless Rap Assassins Videos

Kiss AMC Videos

Interviews - RRA Rushes

A number of 1990 interviews by John McCready with the Rap Assassins, Greg Wilson and other key figures in the UK and Manchester Hip-Hop scene were made available to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Killer's original release. The more perceptive amongst you will recognise some elements used for the second album here!

Related Videos: Big Dog

After Kermit's stint with Black Grape came his own project, Big Dog, resulting in an excellent album and two singles. Both his videos can be found on YouTube and are linked here.

Related: Videos: Misc

While uploading all the videos to YouTube and searching around I came across this 2001 collaboration between a number of Northern Hip-Hop Crews. Nine Mics features the remaining Rap Assassins along with Golden Bullet, Berkeley's Most Wanted, O.I.C. and DJ Fish.

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