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There are links to the apps you'll need to play these files below. Wherever possible I'll be uploading the extended or alternative versions that you may not have heard if you only have the albums. Record label executives and ISPs please note this material is no longer available commercially, but please let me know if there is anything you would like removed from the servers.

By the way, if you're new to the Assassins I would recommend you start off with tracks from the Killer Album (try 'Just Mellow' or 'And It Wasn't a Dream'), rather than diving straight in to some of the rougher demos.

Early Tracks and Demos

Beastie Rip (Unreleased Early Radio Session) - MP3 Format, 929 KBytes
Rhymes and Chimes (Unreleased Demo) - MP3 Format, 1.78 Meg
Ruthless Rap (Unreleased Early Radio Session) - MP3 Format, 1.97 Meg
Treacherous Throwdown (Unreleased Demo) - MP3 Format, 1.60 Meg
Useless (Kym Mazelle featuring Dangerous C) - MP3 Format, 3.16 Meg
We Don't Care - MP3 Format, 1.03 Meg
Z-Bend (from 'Edward Not Edward' compilation) - MP3 Format, 1.30 Meg

Tracks from The Killer Album

And It Wasn't a Dream (The Thinking Man's Mix) - MP3 Format, 2.54 Meg
B-Line (LP Version) - MP3 Format, 2.40 Meg
Crew from the North (LP Version) - MP3 Format, 3.45 Meg
Go Wild! (4 From the Killer Version) - MP3 Format, 1.35 Meg
Here Today... Here Tomorrow (Extended Version) - MP3 Format, 2.83 Meg
Justice (Just Us) Mace Remix - MP3 Format, 2.38 Meg
Just Mellow (Extended Version) - MP3 Format, 1.85 Meg
Posse Strong (LP Version) - MP3 Format, 2.07 Meg

Norman Cook Remixes

Just Mellow (NC 7" Remix) - MP3 Format, 1.21 Meg
And It Wasn't a Dream (Excursion on the Version) - MP3 Format, 1.62 Meg

Tracks from Th!nk

Hard and Direct (Extended Version) - MP3 Format, 2.75 Meg
I Got No Time (LP Version) - MP3 Format, 1.99 Meg
I Got No Time (Unreleased 12" Radio Version) - MP3 Format, 1.77 Meg
Less Mellow (7" Version) - MP3 Format, 1.59 Meg
Pick Up The Pace (LP Version) - MP3 Format, 1.33 Meg


Excerpts from Interviews in 1990 - RealAudio 5.0 Format, 240 KBytes

Tracks by Kiss AMC

A Bit of U2 (Amazonian Mix) - MP3 Format, 2.55 Meg
Come Again (12" Mix) - MP3 Format, 2.67 Meg
Kiss AMC - MP3 Format, 2.16 Meg
Kiss AMC (Remix) - MP3 Format, 2.28 Meg
Let Off - MP3 Format, 2.77 Meg
Let Off (Remix) - MP3 Format, 2.14 Meg
My Docs (12" Mix) - MP3 Format, 2.25 Meg
Raw Side (12" Mix) - MP3 Format, 1.91 Meg

Download WinAmp MP3 Player Download ReadPlayer for .RA/.RAM Files

I haven't uploaded entire albums, and these files are deliberately not of the highest quality. Blame web space restrictions and an unwillingness to annoy the record labels! However, a visit to Bust The Facts may be of interest to those looking for the 'Killer Album' and Th!nk in all their glory...

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