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Although the front page will show just the latest news, this page contains all the news items we've covered. Please contact us if you have any news that should be listed on the site.

NEWS - June 2014 - Kermit's 'Blind Arcade' project is producing some epic tunes! Even better, Greg Wilson has released a mixtape for free download. Get it now at Soundcloud. And pick up a bonus tune here.

NEWS - March 2013 - Check out Kermit's site

NEWS - October 2012 - There's some momentous news hidden in this page promoting the launch of Ian Tilton's book Set in Stone on Monday 15th. Review now available over on the Litfest site. Hoping this leads to something more substantial...

NEWS - September 2012 - Look out for the Rap Assassins in October's Q Magazine.

NEWS - September 2011 - Great review of the Killer Album over at Rap Reviews.

NEWS - July 2011 - Great article talking about influential, underground musicians over at, with the Rap Assassins featuring prominently. Nice interview with Kermit. We're getting linked to by the Broadsheets, no less!

NEWS - October 2010 - A number of interviews from the Rap Assassins and Greg Wilson have been made available to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Killer's original release, and this month's reissue. Have a look at the Manchester Groove Archive Channel on YouTube. The more perceptive amongst you will recognise some elements used for the second album here!

NEWS - October 2010 - Today (the 11th) marks the release of the 20th Anniversary reissue of the Killer Album. Head over to Original Dope now to get your copy (and a T-Shirt!). There are nice write ups over at and Fat Lace Magazine.

NEW! - September 2010 - We've finally added some interactivity to the site. Try out the new Rap Assassins Forums. Along similar lines, you'll find a couple of Rap Assassins groups on Facebook, try here or here.

NEWS - September 2010 - You can also now order Ruthless Rap Assassins T-Shirts from Original Dope.

NEWS - September 2010 - Read the Press Release for the forthcoming reissue of the Killer Album here, or head over to the Original Dope Web Site. You can now place orders directly from the Original Dope Web Site through Cherry Red.

NEW! - September 2010 - I finally got around to adding the lyrics for all the tracks on Th!nk. See the Lyrics Section.

NEWS - July 2010 - Hearing word from Greg that a reissue of the Killer Album is planned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its original release. Release date will be in September - you can read more now on Greg's Blog.

NEWS - June 2010 - Greg Wilson now has a Blog, Being a DJ. You can also follow him on Twitter.

NEW! - July 2009 - After an unforgiveably long delay I've updated the site with some new content. You can now access the Videos Page for all the Rap Assassins videos.

NEWS - October 2004 - The recent Broken Glass reunion will be the subject of a film. Read more at the Manchester District Music Archive.

NEWS - September 2003 - Greg Wilson's new article on the roots of UK Hip-Hop is now available from the Meta Soul site, or at Davey D's Hip Hop Corner.

NEWS - August 2003 - Check out Greg Wilson's own recently-launched site,, for articles and further background on the Rap Assassins Producer and his influential role in the UK scene.

NEWS - December 2002 - Rap Assassins Producer Greg Wilson's excellent article on the history of Electro is now available over at the Meta Soul site. You can now also find it on the equally excellent OldSchoolHipHop.Com site.

NEWS - December 2002 - Sorry about the brief interruption in our service. Everything should be back to normal again, please let me know if there are any problems.

NEWS - August 2002 - Guess what? Greg Wilson's back! Check out classic edits and brand new material from the Rap Assassins' Producer at the Extreme Edits Site.

NEWS - August 2001 - New Ruthless Rap Assassins material! Anderson and Carson have been back in the studio, you can find out more by heading over to the Sundried Web Site.

NEWS - July 2001 - The Big Dog album has been released, so run out and get a copy! It includes the singles 'Raise the Alarm' and 'In the Middle', along with new tracks like 'Do the Right Thing', featuring Geno Washington.

NEWS - June 2001 - The North Hulme Sound site gets a mention in print! We got a mention in Issue 105 of DMC's Weekly Dance Music Magazine '7'. They have a site at DMC World.

NEWS - March 2001 - Kermit's new band Big Dog to release new single 'Raise the Alarm' and tour the UK. Check the Big Dog Page for the video, and to sign up to the mailing list. Also see the NME News Pages for details.

NEWS - August 2000 - Bentley Rhythm Ace release their collaboration with Kermit, 'How'd I Do Dat' as a single. To see the video Click Here

EXCLUSIVE - July 2000 - To mark the 10th Birthday of the release of 'The Killer Album' the site now features the first of a series of interviews with the crew. First up is Kermit - click here, but keep checking back for further interviews in the Articles section as time goes on. A Press Release announcing this anniversary, and formally launching the site, is also featured.

NEWS - June 2000 - Kermit is featured on two tracks on Bentley Rhythm Ace's latest album, and is touring with them right now. See Bentley's Web Pages for further details. If you haven't seen them yet, or missed them on BBC2 from Glastonbury (they rocked!), BRA's site has a webcast from the London Astoria gig.

NEWS - June 2000 - Once Kermit's finished touring with the Bentleys we can look forward to his new project, Big Dog. Read more in our exclusive interview (see above) and at NME's News Pages.

Greg Wilson and Tracey Carmen have seen this page! They live together in Liverpool, and have a son, Che - visit the site commemorating his birth here

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