Make your own decisions why follow the pack
Live too much for others and they just break your back
Don't be played for a sucker when you're smarter than that
Believe in yourself and you're on the right track

Your ears have heard the glory of the coming of the rhyme
'Cos Le Freak hits the peak at the drop of a dime
But I'm english so let me say five pence
Get involved, get it solved, don't sit on the fence
Baa baa black man have you any pull
The only thing I've got is what's inside my skull
I hold my mic with a limp
There's a slip of the hip as Le Freak walks on a stage
There's no tripping' the lip
Lyrics swim like a fish as I recite another page
Here's a scoop for those dicks
Stompping Boots in their troops
Playing the tapes with daft flutes
And the same boring loops
Slaggin' me off a few years ago
'Cos they're in a daft band and you got a big ego
No fucker helped us when we started off
No, no sorry, but your beats are too soft
But a couple of years later when we signed our deal
All those too busy bastards started to squeal
Yo! K - we're havin' a party would you like to come along
Dan C - would you help me write a new song
Dangerous Hinds - just the man I want to see
Would you program some beats in your R8 for me
I've got my own stress to cope with
You're makin' me late
Here's my card, phone the office
And we'll make a date
I'm busy right now, I've got to beat feet
And the damn fucker calls everyday for six weeks
Back to the track, yo! Cut me some slack
'Cos Le Freak got no time for your boring chit chat
I'm heavin' so leave me the hell alone
Stop playing shit music to me down the phone
Don't wanna be sifting thru tape after tape
With the levels all fucked up and rhymes that are late
Here's a bit of advice so don't fuckin' laugh
No fucker helps you when you're on your ass

Bring the pot to the boil and let's talk about Reenies
Gigglin' girlies who think they can tease me
It's Friday, it's club night
They batter their Giro
Their hair lookin' like it's been cut with a Flymo
They strut around town with their tits hanging out
Wearin' minnie mouse shows, flappin' big fuckin' mouth
I'm rich, I'm famous
That's what they think
They can get out of my face I ain't buyin' no drinks
I get vexed when they flex, I wish I knew voodoo
Make their hair all dry up and their breath smell like doo doo
There's guys on my back who all wanted to know
But very few willing to pay at my show
They're wantin' free records and t-shirts and that
They'll take all they can but they give nothin' back
I'm young and I'm healthy - so are you too
So get off your ass and do what you do
Leave me along I need space to breathe
By the buggin' of me what d'you hope to achieve
A chance at the big time, fortune and fame
They think I can help them, cos I got a name
They come around smilin' and act like they're friends
I won't be used to gain anyone's ends
I tell them 'come around', and give 'em a grin... the bastard's not in!
The grin on my face has turned to a smirk
I peep thru the curtains and laugh at the jerk
You might say I'm bad but I cannot agree
If they had the chance they would do it to me
Here's a bit of advice, so don't fuckin' laugh
Nobody helps you when you're on your ass