What did you say your name was?
MC Kermit Le Freak
What did you say your name was?
B Boys call him Dangerous C
What did you say your name was?
Dangerous Hinds don't front
What did you say your name was?
Killer on wax is back to attack

Check this! Dangerous Hinds is my name
And when you hear a dope lyric I'm the person to blame
Lyrics so large they should call me rhymezilla
If you don't believe my you should try and buy the killer
I run a rhyme that might make you upset
So you'd better think twice before you stick out your neck
'Cos when I express it's like a kick in your chest
Ruthless on the mic when I'm out to distress
We're goin' off, the crew from the north
Yes, the posse is strong and we could never be soft
We're in yer face with a ghetto style bass
And a funky fresh beat to keep the pace
You wanna get busy cause it's too hard rockin'
Can you get with the meaning of the rhymes we're dropping
Dope rhymes designed by Dengerous Hinds
On time and primed to sting your mind
Give me a stage and a mic and I'm jammin'
Knowledge the crowd with the rhymes that I'm slammin'
You'll get your turn but wait 'til I'm thru
Listen and learn that's what you must do
This one's for you who never heard of the crew
You can't buy our records 'cos they shipped too few
The nearest booking office is the place you should go
Buy yourself a ticket, see us live at the show
For those who distressed and said the music was crap
You can't shake the lyric it keeps coming back
It penetrates your brain and leaves you scarred
'Cos the Ruthless Rap Assassins are who we are

That's right! You know real dope its soundin'
Dangerous C like your father home boy I'm groundin'
You! That's right, stay home in your bedroom
Come up on my stage there ain't enough headroom
Ain't no Rainbow, George, Zippy or Bungle
Le Freak came forth with 'Law of the Jungle'
And when it was time to really bust this
My man Dangerous A brought a song call 'Justice'
My conscience, I guess it must have got bigger
My soul brought forth a song 'that's my nigger'
Black is my colour, there's no need for the shade
Assassin, my trade, that's why we get paid
'Cos I'm bakin', cakin', over acceleratin', contemplatin;
There's no mistakin' me, who else could it be
But your Ruthless Rap Assassin Dan C - the great
Imitate girl and I will eliminate
I may be slim, boy, but still I got weight
To vibrate your stirrup anvil hammer
Body slam yer, yeah
With velocity I'll ram yer into a wall
Like Humpty Dumpty you must fall
Your mum and dad you will want to call
But I don't really care, I don't really mind
'Cos they won't recognise what they'll find
Out there in the corner, don't say I din't warn yer
If shells outta date homeboy then I scorn ya
That's outta date as well and it's true
But that's all we need for a sucker like you

Don't mess with the best 'cos the best don't mess with the rest
So no bother come test
I grab the mic with no hesitation
Droppin' def lyrics in cope combinations
Clear in your ear but you still can't believe this
What kind of mind does it take to conceive this
You go for yours and I'll go for mine
He's Dangerous C and he's Dangerous Hinds
He's in effect on the decks while I flex
On a beat so hard it breaks necks
We are the crew who are so large in the area
To a sucker MC there ain't nothing scarier
Than a rapper like me when I'm running amok
If you get in my way, you're gonna get fucked
Suckers get riled at the style that I'm busting
Dissin' and cussin' but ain't saying nothing
It's not what I say it's the way that it's said
When this music plays you start nodding' your head
All of a sudden you realise we're great
You now know the time but you're too fuckin' late
When we go off you had best run for cover
'Cos we'll dis a sucker then start on his mother
I made the killer so remember me
The dangerous Rap Assassin, the Ruthless MC
Step to the mic and take your best shot
I got what it takes to take all you got
Your money, your life, I'll take the whole lot
Riddle me this, am I ruthless or what