This ain't for the chart I ain't lookin' for no hit
So if you don't like the lyric - tough shit
I'm here to chat a lyric about the things that give me stress
No BS I'll leave that to the rest
Rhymes so hard they'll make the radio producers flinch
They're wanting me to sell out but I won't budge an inch
The things I portray won't get no radio play
So you can do what you want
I'll say what I'll say
There once was a time when it seems to me
That being black was the worst thing that you could be
But back to the present where the whites imitate us
It's cool to be black but still some fear and hate us
If I was a white man, I'd be alright, man
The new kid on the block or the number 1 mic man
They played his record but what happened to mine
I could be selling drugs instead of wasting my time
If I was a white man, I'd probably be commercial
But when I chat the mic they say my style's too controversial
I don't give a fuck 'cos I'm tellin' it like it is
If you're due for a dissin' you're gonna get dissed
Another rhyme designed to knowledge your mind
To give hearing to the deaf and sight to the blind
In other words I came to make things clear
'Cos there's none so blind as those who won't hear

Listen, so some say I'm selfish I ask you
I make records for me, but this one's for you
They cage us off like animas in a zoo
Telling us what we can or cannot do
They came to our land all they did was harm us
Shipped us over here where they tried to farm us
We got wise so they tried to charm us
Still to this day some try to embalm us
You know what, they want us all next for
To give ourselves to go fight for the war
Fighting for the war what did the most gain
A bullet in the head or they came back lame
To our generation they wanna do the same
It's a shame it's a shame, it's a shame, it's a shame
Soldiers on each side, take your guns and aim
At the government, the only ones to blame
Fighting in the streets over the Poll Tax
Poor poor poor now that it the real facts
Pay the Poll Tax or fuck the law
I feel sorry for the ones who are just too poor
I've got nothing to lose unlike you
So what I'm saying is more likely to be true
And yes we all know it ain't the way it should go
That's what you reap 'cos that's what you sowed

Britain's in a mess because the government stinks
Does anybody care what the poor man thinks
Interest rates rising 'til they can't rise no more
You know that shit was heavy 'cos they started a war
You know who got the blame, they called him insane
But just who was it sold him weapons and planes
The National Health's in trouble, lack of money is why
But still they spent millions sendin' people to die
Too many people scared to stand up and rebel
You listen to the government and you buy what they sell
They made the cuts and the nation bears the scars
Sold power to the people when the power was ours
And now you're an owner but something ain't right
'Cos if you don't pay your bills they still cut your light
Companies going under and the government say
To keep inflation down that's the price we have to pay
They sold shares in gas and telecon
Most people on the street couldn't get none
Worked like a slave to buy your own house
But when you heard the shout you were gettin' thrown out
Got no bread, can't afford the water
Can't meet the bills at the end of the quarter
Poverty is hell and most are on the brink
You let it happen 'cos you didn't stop and think

Think, think, it ain't illegal yet