Back again, back with a rhyme
Rap Assassins, yo! Think it's time to ask
Radio, radio why you hate me
Always sabotagin', tryin' to underrate me
Under this pressure how could we survive
Rap Assassins an' we're back and we're kickin' it live
Live, live, live, live
Live all the way
Don't forget MC K
And my brother, Dangerous A
Why is it that you play, that you play, that you play
R & B day to day, day to day, day to day
No-one minds rhythms and no-one minds blues
It all depends on the ones that you choose
From Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Friday, Saturday, Sunday back round to Monday
The best hip hop some will say
So I decide to tune in if that's OK
All I ever hear is USA
What happened to the bro's from the UK
I'm talkin' to you, yes, my homey DJ
You run is all around like it was a relay
Hip-Hop is the music that I'll never betray
Hip House is for the suckers who have gone astray
Who wanna hit the chart and earn a quick pay
Follow them, no, I gotta find my own way
May I turn off the radio - yes you may
Cos we see thru the lies like it was an x-ray
When you check it out, you, what's his occupation
Playing bullshit on the radio station

DJ Hinds is back and it's my turn to sound off
And I'm black, you might say browned off
Pissed off, it's my records you've kissed off
You got a list but the posse's been missed
We dropped real science, but they didn't play shit
They talked about shoulders and the sizes of chips
Couldn't get no play cos our song was too black
You wanna hear a house track - fuck that!
Radio radio why am I dissin' you
So many shows but none I wanna listen to
What happened to the ragga and the hard core rap
Get back with the pop crap, it makes me wanna nap
Wait for us to sell out and you've got a long wait
Cos when we chat the mic, we give it to you straight
Turn through the dial and there ain't no escape
From the pop, no hip hop, so you have to play a tape
National or community, pop's what they play
The same tired tunes several times a day
Pure frustration, I've lost all patience
I've had it up to here with the radio stations

Are we talkin' about you or are we talkin' about your crew
Well more than a few I'll think I'll miss the Allen stew
Cos what you're servin' us up is more cold than warm
You ain't doin' nothing on your program to inform
The children in the world about realities of life
Keeping knowledge from a child is just like stabbin' them with a knife
If I was police I'd be bound to arrest ya
Lyrics so truthful they will always possess ya
Never play the music that's too happy
Try to sell the deal to the kids in the nappy
Primary school on to a teenager
Male or female, our life is in danger
Yes you may say that we're trying to change ya
For the best but we won't let it rest
And you can change the world in the music that you play
And I may help a brother with the words that I say
My tuner it ain't bust, well it's just catching dust
I never tune to your station, yo, outta disgust
From the music that you play I could never rate ya
Peace, I'm outta here, see ya, later