Pick up the pace I heard a dope beat and I didn't waste time
To put a Rhyme to the Sound yes I'm brown of West Indian descent
But it don't mind as you groove to the sound of the bass
If you're smart you wouldn't get on my case, step back as Le Freak lays waste
To any chump who wants to get paste
I slam my fist in the side of his face
I glance around before I rhyme yes I'm checkin'
For any fool in the house half steppin'
'Cos when the posse throws down there's no messin'
School is in session so prepare for the lesson
Being taught by the Ruthless Rap Assassins
I drop a rhyme on the mike with passion
A drop rhyme from my mind I'm flashin'
Everybody in the place pick up the pace

Pick up the pace another ruthless track
Some thought we wouldn't be back
Know what I mean a one hit wonder
We tread water we'll never go under
Some use to treat the C as a fool
I got vex but now I keep cool
They beat impossibles you wanna know why
Because a fool may be the one to try
I rock the mic no time for a gun
That's no example for my dad or my mum
Son daughter nephew neice
All we want is a bit of peace
Chumps talk their mumbo jumbo
I seek lies like Inspector Columbo
Don't try the Dan the C is a Dan
I'll leave you lookin' like the elephant man

Pick up the pace
Yes the title of another ruthless jam
From the killer with the rhymes that slam
That's how it is when I'm at the mic stand
Here's permission to dance as I
And the guys from the posse get raw
Rap Assassins are hard to the core
And that's what you came here for
You want more here's a little bit more
Pick up the pace
Means running rhymes with a little more haste
On an old-time super-dope break
Rap Assassins and no mistake
So a word to all frauds and fakes
Don't mess with the rhymes I did
'Cos DJ Hinds is the type to get rid
Of any cissy soft sucker punk kid
Break your face then I'm gone without trace
Pick up the pace!