I hope you go to heaven for the ones who strain
And to hell with the people the ones who gain
From misery and suffering and general deceit
And the crying of the children, out on the street
The hell of a ghetto that's all I see
Cos a ghetto is a place that should not exist
Another brother is dead from a drug in the vein
Another dead again from a bullet to the brain
And people ask why we always complain
No sun just rain, it always seems the same
The inner city problems can't be worked out
They put police on the beat to sort it out
Driving round like gangs, in their big black vans
Faking community spirit by the shaking of hands
Take a look around, society's breaking down
But the people in the ghetto are on the rebound
They say we're descendants from a King and Queen
But instead of a crown, some wear afro sheen
Stand tall, don't fall
And try to share, but the system taught the people not to care
A ghetto is a place that should not be
But the hell of a ghetto is all I see

So stand tall, don't fall
Take the rough with the smooth
Extra, extra, extra, a slayin' in Hulme
A gun shot, get clock, a young man drops
Another wasted life for a couple of rock
That's the story of the ghetto but there's more to tell
It hurts like a bitch to watch kids grow in hell

When I look round this ghetto what do I see
Kids sharin' needs, riskin' HIV
At the back of a shed, a girl out of her head
Shes only nineteen but she'd be better off dead
She's sellin' her body cos she's got to get high
The guys that come to buy, they wear their suits and their ties
They rarely get stopped by community cops
Chances are, when they do the charges are dropped
In the ghetto, it's not right, people dying from smack
And your life is cheap if you're young and you're black
I've lived in the ghetto and I'll just say this
The ghetto is a place that should not exist

Take the rough with the smooth, no-one hears my views
When the way you wanna live is not a way you can choose
Stay resilient and militant, stand up for yourself
You and no-one else looks after your health
It's like a prison on the streets but with a show of strength
We'll teach the ones who choke the ghetto
We'll go to any length
To fight for the community, protect the weak
Get the scum off the streets, and the future's not bleak
It's like a war zone in the ghetto, you grow up tough
But we want better for our kids they've seen enough