Ruthless, a man, raps, no myth
Versatile Assassins, we ain't stiff
Lyrics like a cyanide injection
I hope you got some for your own protection
Yeah we'll bait ya
'Cos we hate ya
Incinerate ya
Reincarnate ya
Mother fuck, got there with no luck
Chicken cluck cluck, who did you suck
All that dancin', I'm sick of that shit
It still gets used to fake another hit
But this it real man, you've got to feel man
I'll make you squeal, man, that's the deal mean
I'm the rhythm so take your turn
I'll make you dance harder for the money that you earn
The crew's still climbin', I'm underminin'
You ain't Resigning' so I keep rhymin'
It make me sick to see you slick
It may look good but not the way it should
You can't see dancin' on the wax
People get bored they're the facts
So just back up, I won't slack up
But if I crack up, I may hack up
You dance so fast you'll put a hole it your feet
But when it comes to rhymin' you can't ride no bear
A prophet, like Nostradamus, I see the future
You can't harm us
The word of a psychic, you may not like it
I'm sick of that shit, just listen to the hit

While we're on the stage there's no need for dancers
We'll ask the questions, you find the answers
Forget all those suckers dancin' their ass of
Tryin' to be hard but the shit's too soft
Daytime radio, they know where they can go
Night time presenters, a big yo!
They only they gave our records a play
Nuff disrespect to the other DJs
N.W.A. said fuck to the coppers
That's what I like, not no dancin' hip hoppers
Too many sellin' out, they puttin' records out
Running off at the mouth, what do they talk about
Dancin' and partyin', huggin' and kissin'
It's all very well but there's still somethin' missin'
Life is a party, that's a fallacy
What we all need is a dose of reality
Rhymes that will stun you or make you step back
I wanna hear somebody kicking the facts
We are the two who
Came here to see you
Rhymes yeach we've got a few
Some you might listen to
Let the light come thru
Knowledge is overdue
How can we teach ya, if we can't reach ya
S A W doesn't it trouble you
Many demand it, me I can't stand it
I'm gettin' off I'll be back in a bit
That style of music is truly the pits
Give me a bear and a lyric that kicks
I'm sick of that shit
Listen to the hit