No more time for the crew to relax Jack
Cos it's time to earn some tax back
A beat, a rhyme and a little guitar
If you bought the Killer Album then you know who we are
There's no stopping, coming like Armageddon
Three guys from North Hulme but on toes we're treading
Cos some don't agree with the things we do
Like smoking sensi and speaking what's true
But pass the brew and we'll take a sip
It gets buzzy in my head so I commence to rip another rhyme
If it's no good I'll take it to the skip
SHHH!... don't tell my manager because he may flip
Always in a flurry he's telling us to hurry
But we know we've got the goods, so we tell him don't worry
Enjoy your life, grow old but slow
1991 and things are less mellow

The lyrical jackal, yes MC Le Freak,
Performance procedures perfected well sweet
Reliably rhyming, relaxed, mellowed out
Chilling like a resident without any doubt
I relax to the Max with my spliff in the bath
Unwind come down if my body is taxed
I take it easy cos that's what I do best
So just chill don't give me no stress
If I could I'd jet to the beach
And I'd wait for the posse to reach
That's right, that's the way it should be
The sun, the sand, the breeze from the sea
Smoke a P-I-P-E, you know how it goes
Yo! K, what's it called, it's less mellow

We're laid back but the rhymes still flow
In 1989 we made a song just mellow
A sound so safe, it was hard to resist
If you liked that one then you'll be rockin' to this
This one should be dropped at several watts
And played non-stop until your speakers pop
I'm tellin' it to you now like I told it to you then
When it's time to relax I grab my paper and pen
I take five whenever I please
Put my feet up on the couch and catch me some z's
I wake up and reconnect the phone
Then play a record, maybe one of my own
Dangerous C come and knocks at my door
I let him in, yeah you all know the score
We chill out, for how long I don't know
But this time around the song is less mellow