Respect is due, so respect must be paid
To all of the people from back in the days
Let's get it straight, get the story correct
It started at Legend, to Legend respect
Electro, the style that was most in effect
The mixin' and scratchin' was live 'n' direct
Broken Glass Crew used to spin on their heads
The king of the mix was a DJ called Greg
Street Machine were a hell of a crew
We used to cheer a the things they could do
Kermit Le Freak, myself and my brother
We formed a crew, but let's mention some others
Jam MD's and the Double C Two
Crazy Scratch Fingers we can't forget you
There once was a posse called W.S.K.
I remember the night they blew suckers away
The gallery used to have all night jams
We'd bust a rhyme and get cheered by our fans
We'd rock the house as they packed on the floor
When we dug up they'd be yellin' for more
Peps and Pooch would get hype on the mike
So would Prince Kool + Rhyme Boss Delite
Don't forget Spider, cos Spider was there
Rapmaster Sam used to chat on the air
Johnny J, Ecstasy, Rock the House Crew
Grand Groove and the Gigolo Two
Gerald and Tunes were a menacing pair
Back to attack, so all suckers beware
We'd go around and make music 'til late
With a mixer, a deck and his 808
The Attic Studios is what Ged's was called
Music so dope it was shakin' the walls
When I release, suckers settle and cease
I won't take an ease until I've said Peace.

When I started at my brother's flat
Hawksmore, North Hulme, is where I sat
For music I acquired a taste
Hip-hop, funk, electro bass
To cut 2 records I used to get vexed
With his worn out needles and his mashed up decks
Mixing and scratching, scratching and mixing
Stop... the mixer needs fixing
After that I would walk walk or bus home
And pray for the day I had decks of my own
But I never so I had to grab the mic
And bust a funky fresh rhyme to the music I liked
Most radio stations had nothing for me
No hip-hop, just pop it bores me
In my ears, in my head, in my mind
Are you deaf as well as blind?
So I found a station to lift my depression
261 did an upfront session
Word to our friends, word to our foes
It just helps us to become better pros
Made it for the chart? I made it for self
First comes respect, second the wealth

I was rockin' for years before we formed the crew
Broken Glass before meeting the Dangerous 2
Now the posse is formed and there's no turnin' back
The ruthess posse always right and exact
Comin' straight back with a fresh-funky-track
Something brand new from the North Hulme rap pack
We're gonna kick an electro dance stance
Tell 'em what to do (don't) dance

Smokin'Rhymes the north hulme three
On the desk we got Crazy D
We were kickin' it then and we're still kickin' it now
If you wanna know why (Let Le Freak tell you how)
Always rock everywhere you play
Keep a list of every punk you slay!