You know I think, therefore it follows that I am
And the colour of my thoughts makes me a black man
To go a step further, it follows from this
That if I am, then I must exist
And that's exactly what it is
That I do day to day while I'm living in the midst of Society
And Society is on my back telling me how to be, that I need this and that
I can't make the money selling Big Macs
But there's thousands to be made on the streets selling crack
Britain is the Motherland, or so they educate us
British is my passport
But immigrant my status
Don't tell me that I'm British, that's bullshit
I was born in this Country but my face don't fit
They like to call me British when I'm winning for them
But if I make a mistake, I'm West Indian again
The Gulf War Crisis, who was to blame
Was it Bush, or was it Saddam Hussein
When Russia went to Afghanistan
No-one did a thing, did anyone give a damn
If Saddam Hussein's an invader
Then so was Ronald Reagan when he annexed Grenada
Did the West protest when Reagan bombed Libya
Did they fight South Africa to free Namibia
Spending many millions on war and devestation
Money they should use to help poorer nations
Perpetrating a fraud, it's a sad situation
Maybe we should read Revelations

So now you know I smoke the black ash
And I know that some are saying that the stuff is trash
Well trash to you, but it's good to me
Because I see it as a break from reality
Yes, reality that all people live in
It's our government own greed so they won't give in
To the people's rights and most people's need
Yes, it's true what they say about a stone won't bleed
Because a stone is cold and mean hard and raw
They say they give us what they got and they ain't giving no more
No more to you, no more to me
So it's a nine to five to collect a fee
You won't lick their asses
So they won't employ you
But can't you see it that they're trying to destroy you
Our government will never be great
Instead of re-create they only terminate
Because they' got brown blood in their veins
Their ambitions are only to gain
For themselves, they got the wealth
Well they'll break you down and destroy your health
With nuclear waste dumped in our seas
Destroying ozone with CFCs
Acid rain destroying our trees
Lead from our cabs givin' children brain disease
Food on the shelves gotta longer conservation
Where dem find the answer, Chernobyl radiation
Out on the streets there's a new sensation
Why did they let crack into the nation
Community charge another fuckin' frustration
Trying to stop our parties with a new legislation
Millions spent each year on a space vacation
While here on Earth we've got a starving nation
So you see it weren't the way we were meant to live
Taking from the world with nothing to give
And for living this way you can't go on forever
To see that there's no need to be clever
Many things seem that they might pass me
But believe one thing, we're heading for a catastrophe
Take a look at an addict's birthday
The next lines are fact not hearsay
Where's the £50 that your mother gives you
You bought 10 Benson and a pack of Rizla
You jump into a taxi to the Moss and back
No more £50 but now you've got crack
Over the months you're pumping crack into your skull
Your knowledge getting dull on each and every pull
Can't feed your addiction, this is not fiction
This is all fact 'cos I coming exact
The power in my rhythm and my rhythm is rhyme
Cos I keep on flowin' on and I roll with the time
The time is the music, when I try to do my best
That's right I keep all the rubbish off my chest

I try to flow it out