I programmed the beats, I put 'em on tape
Gave it to the Hinds to find a funky ass bass
Wrote some dope lyrics got busy on the track
Added reverb, an edit and a scratch
Played it to the Posse to see if they approved
Next thing to do, find a name for the groove
But the Ruthless Posse consists of three
So I gave a tape to my man Dan C
Yes solid as a rock tough as old boots
Big sturdy riddims make you wanna bust loose
Tonka sized sounds not designed for a child

Put your hands in the air, a beat warfare
Do that dance like you just don't care
Run around like a mad March hare
If it's free then get your own fair share
I always come equipped in case I move swift
A guy like Le Freak likes to know what he's missed
Whether we're straight or whether we're pissed
Mess with the Hinds and you'll get well dissed
Last but not least is the razor tongued beast
Dangerous C cuts crazy like a demon unleashed
Ruthless rhymes in a North Hulme style

Now here's a chant to knock you out of your socks
So pump up the bass so the whole room rocks
When we're on the stage and you're in the crowd
Say these words but bust it out loud