We're ruthless on the mic you may have heard us before,
We're socially delinquent, no respect for the law,
Pay no heed to politicians, can't be wasting our time,
They're calling us muggers while they're mugging your mind,
I'm talking left, right, and centre, they don't give me no say,
I haven't got no money so I always have to pay,
The rich are getting younger, the poor are getting old,
God forbid that I should live until I die from the cold,
I'm living in the city, the inner city's my home,
There's no thriving, just surviving in the twilight zone,
When I walk out late at night they try to hold me on sus,
Because there ain't no justice,
Just Us.

You love me and you hate me for the size of my lust,
You tell me that I'm violent if I kick up a fuss,
They lock me in asylums at the slightest excuse,
My name is well connected with narcotics abuse,
You only read about when committing a crime,
Your only protection is a thin blue line,
I've got a love/hate affair with the national press,
My family's pathological, my life is a mess,
Social workers love me cos I keep them in work,
Can't get a job myself because I'm seen as a jerk,
When you're living on the edge you gotta do what you must,
Because there ain't no justice,
Just us.

You ask me why it is I like to keep to myself,
Myself is all I got cos you've got everything else,
My parents built this country by the sweat of their brow,
But when I look around me where the hell are they now?
The way I spend my days it sometimes leaves me depressed,
So I go home to my woman and I add to her stress,
Whether unemployed or an up-coming star,
They always pull me over when I'm driving my car,
What happens to the brothers when they try and they fail?,
You wanna know the answers? Take a look at your jails,
I'm living in your system and you tell me it's just,
But there ain't no justice,
Just us.