Punishing all pussy's at the drop of a hat
North Hulme posse kickin with a funky new track
Nullifying suckers with the strength of our verse
Last suckers left the jam in a coroner's hearse
M.C. Le Freak down with the Hinds a dangerous pair
Chop your gal in the neck if she stops to stare
The brawlers out of order when we slap up a mic
Ruthless boy and we do what we like our posse's strong.

Formulating beats inside a secret H.Q. Gregory knows the way
So does Anne Marie too
The K.I. double S she is related to me
While Dangerous A's the older brother to the Dangerous C
Down and dirty when it comes to slamming down rhymes
Assaulting all D.J.'s who don't sound like mine
I take a pause within a lyric say to tie up my lace
And Dangerous Hinds takes his place
The posse's strong.

I like my mic on the right my engineer likes the rear
Dangerous C's on the left and Dangerous A's near the beer
That's cos he's drunk yeah but still takin' you out you sissy
Soft sucker punks (HA HA).

Comin in from the cold Ruthless Rap Assassins
Badder than BAD - Bolder than bold lyrical bandits step
Back take that try and bite this you're gonna get dissed
So take a pause for the cause try the Rap Assassins
You best rhyme without flaws
Cos any rhyme that we bust will just kick the shit out of yours
The posse's strong.

I got some fresh Ellesse which I wear about the place
Check out my acid tigers as they stomp you in the face
I never look for trouble but it always looks for me
I try to count to ten but I can never reach three
They call me Dangerous Hinds because I'm dangerous to your health
When my posse's in effect you'd better watch out for yourself
When suckers try to diss me I get an urge to ill
If I don't drop the suckers the posse will

The posse's strong

Ruthless yet I go with the flow don't joke
Cos we'll go toe to toe Rap Assassin M.C. Kermit Le Freak
Mess with me boy you're spitting out teeth
I move alone or I move with the crew burn on weed
And drink a couple of brews not a criminal
Cos I'm smarter than that I got the brainiac factor boy
That's a fact
Well educated cos I took time to learn that's
right I knowledged my mind a sturdy individual
Whose strong in the crew back off cos Le Freak's coming through
Yes the freak F.R.E.A.K.
Why cos you spell it that way
And I'm a dizzy so don't diss
Cos I will slap you with my hand or a brick
The posse's strong