We realise you're sick of the same old rhymes
So listen up everybody come on gather round
So if you're yellow, black, pink or brown
You know it's time (you know it's time)
To rock to new rhymes
You need MCs to rock you and we know there's very few
We got a proposition So here's a little clue
So if you're at a party and the MC's not swingin'
Drag him off the mic get a rope and hang him
But if you think that hangin' is a little severe
Don't let him get off lightly, let me make this quite clear
Get a hammer and some nails and nail him to the wall
And give him fifty lashes no less no more
That leave him on the wall as an endless reminder
To the likes of him we won't be any kinder
This type of degradation is a shameful sin
His fuckery lines and rhymes should be burned in a bin
His family deported to Timbuctoo
And here's a final line on which I leave you all chew
I sing an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
What you say won't make no difference
Cos you know he speaks the truth
Value for money that's the name of the game
People want what they pay for
In that there ain't no shame
So let the people be the jury executioner too
And after sentence is passed there ain't nothing you can do
Bu if you feel unfairly treated and you want to appeal
I suggest that you think fuck it cos with me you must deal

Sucker MC sucker MC
Sucker MC sucker MC
I don't think that you have realised yet
To challenge the Ruthless Rap Assassins that is a threat
To you Ya crew and your so-called lines
Why don't you pay for a lesson off my man Dangerous Hinds
Plus Kermit Le Freak or myself Dangerous C
Cos we're rockin' most definitely
Sucker MCs who don't like me don't try to cuss
Cos I'm the MC with the name of Dangerous
They don't call me Dangerous for nothing at all
Cos when I challenge other MCs well
They're bound to fall
Down down down down to his knees
Hurtin' his lungs cryin' out oh please
And they beg and plead for us to stop
But we're ruthless so the axe will drop
Down yes yes y'all in your place
Oh well it seems like that when Dangerous Hinds cuts the bass
Like a Stanley knife it will surely slice
And if you mess with the crew you'll have to pay the price

You can't describe me with fresh def chill word
I suppose that you suckers have already heard
B-Boys and B-Girls hey call me God
Well I know you're wondering that's a bit odd
But if you make me angry I'll turn you to stone
Who me and my microphone
They also call me the Angel or MC of Death
You wanna battle me enjoy your last breath
The rhymes I deliver will make you shiver
And for the beginning I'll tear out your liver
For the end I'll wipe you over just like a polish
It's not to shine you up it's only to demolish
Like a Judge Dredd out of 2000 AD
But death the only sentence you're getting from me
And for all you wondering who I may be
Girls call Carsonova B-Boys call me Dangerous C
Cos when I'm rockin' the mic doing all my MC poppin
All the people in the house you know they all start rockin'
Cos my MC poppin just like a lyric electro style
If you come into the place you know it's worth your while

My lyrics and rhymes will blow your mind at any speed I keep the time
Pick of the batch rockin' any scratch
The beat's not made that I can't catch
The original Freak, fresh and unique known from coast to coast
As MC Kermit Le Freak
Yes I'm the Rap Assassin Kermit Le Freak
I'll gun you down when I begin to speak
I've no need for 45s or Magnum 38s
I need a mic and a beat to assassinate
See I can gun a sucker down from 1000 yards
The only rapper that is dealin' all the suckers death cards
Yes I'm the only rapper with a licence to kill
The blood of suckers I like to spill
So put the word on the street I'm out on the seek
The future for you suckers is lookin' quite bleak
So all you biters and low lives and suckers with no rhymes
I'll kill you dead so keep a low profile
Take my advice and stay away
Or else go ahead and make my day