Dangerous C proud to be a nigger
But I guess I'm no smaller or bigger
Than black, white, yellow, brown or any nation
We all have a destination on the earth for what it's worth
My mother Mrs. Hinds, the one who gave birth
To me, black you have to be twice as good
But that ain't the way that things should be
You have to agree
And if you don't you need brain surgery
Some say in God they believe
But I watch and see some deceive
You and you and him then they grin
But they can't win, because from God you can't hide sin
So don't try He'll look you in the eye
And from the past all He'll see is a lie
Ever since the day you were born
I think you're from the 666 form
The devil is your father
And if you had your way I think you'd rather
Take us back to the slavery days
When to buy a black man was the craze
But there's good in both black and white
Some of the whites for us blacks they did fight
Blacks bleachin' skin, white tryin' to get duller
Black is correct so don't call me no colour
Cause the colour is in you
When I hit Ya you turn green black and blue.

Dangerous Hinds don't front I come right and exact
Like to chat the microphone but I don't talk slack
Young gifted and black but at the foot of the stack
Got a mind of my own I don't follow the pack
You can tell that I am conscious by the way that I act
I ain't buying or selling no coke or smack
It's attitudes like yours that's holding me back
No way can you deny it cos you know it's a fact
You read me in the papers sometimes I'm on the T.V.
You meet me face to face and you see
A nigger; criminal and shiftless
Some may take offence as I riff this rhyme
But yo that's fine
Listen to the lyrics and learn the time
It's designed to knowledge your mind
Give hearing to the deaf and sight to the blind
When you say nigger it covers your guilt
For all the crimes you committed, that blood that you spilled
The way you behaved was worse than depraved
Nations destroyed a people enslaved
I wanna run it down but where to begin
Why don't you try to look beyond the colour of skin
If you weren't over there I wouldn't be here
Now I'm posing you a threat but no I won't disappear
You'll call me what you want 'cos you're calling the shots
But I refuse to be your boy 'cos I know what's what
You say that I'm a nigger but my head's held high
Call me nigger to my face and you're likely to DIE

I smoke cannibis don't try to dis
No need to be violent but still might catch a fist
Stupid dope lyrics can't get no fresher
Me Dangerous C well I thrive on pressure
Off you the white it makes me try a little harder
I listen to my mother and I listen to my father
Again and again and again and again
But it's the (same white bitch got me strung out on 'caine)
Time to get serious no more play
You're looking for a job 24 hours a day
What happens when you send your application in
Whites on the shelf blacks in the bin
If not why do they need our nationality
Yo C you've seized the reality
Who the hell do you think they're deceiving
Next time take a look if seeing is believing
Yes black I'm proud of my skin
Some may attempt to hit me on my chin
You keep trying but you won't win
Cos as a black man I'll never give in
To you or any other gang
National Front Klu Klux Klan
K K K what does it stand for
Kill Kill and Kill some more
Governments say they wanna stop apartheid
But if they did they would go there and fight
Cos they fight for a little bit of land
But not to free a black man.