This is the law of the jungle,
As old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it shall prosper,
And the wolf that shall break it shall die,

The arms race long since out of control,
Too many children starving and cold,
Diplomats talk but never solve shit,
Countries dying bit by bit,
The TV beams the pictures all over the world,
But the cries of anger are still not heard,
Assassination terrorism war and crime,
Why it's all just a sign of the times,
Live Aid, Sports Aid, whatever you like,
It's only a band aid over human strife,
It's time for your attitude to change,
It's time to realise that we're all to blame,

Self destruction is a fashionable trait,
Born out of boredom in a Thatcherite state,
Where the money holds the power and the power holds the sway,
And the people on the outside exist by the day,
No hope for the future just hate for the past,
Let's live for the moment now the die has been cast,
Just reasonless strangers who don't know themselves,
Tired of learning deprived of wealth,
Desperate days in dangerous times,
Words without meaning words without rhyme,
Thoughts without motive, a panic for pride,
Where there's no room for reason,
And nowhere to hide,

We're all the product of childhood - it's true,
We all learned our lessons outside of the schools,
We failed our exams but we couldn't have cared,
Who wants to live in a stereotyped world,
We follow our instincts we make our mistakes,
We never give in where the lesser man breaks,
We smile at the devil and spit in his face,
We welcome the moment of death's dark embrace,
We listen to music, get high, get low,
Fight with our feelings, go with the flow,
Positive thinking, no more negative fear,
It's time to start living now D day is near.