Yes it's time for the crew to relax,
You need a break from the hardcore tracks,
So here's a beat it's kind of slow,
Well laid back but the rhymes still flow,
Pass a brew and we'll take a sip,
Then get back on the lyrical tip,
Me and him (him and me),
We rhyme to and fro,
Yo C what's it called,
Just Mellow,

I take it easy cos that's what I do best,
So just chill, don't give me no stress,
If I could I'd go down to the beach,
And I'd wait for the posse to reach,
That's right that's the way it should be,
The sun the sand the breeze from the sea,
Smoke a P.I.P.E. you know how it goes,
Yo K what's it called,
Just Mellow,

I take Five whenever I please,
I put my feet up and catch me some Zees,
I wake up and reconnect the phone,
Then play a record maybe one of my own,
Dangerous C comes and knocks at my door,
I let him in and he tries my Hi-Score,
We chill out and time goes slow,
Yo, Bro, what's it called,
Just Mellow.