Me Dangerous C well I'm back again
Rockin' on the M.I.C. until the music ends
Introducing MC B because he is a friend
Rap Assassins gettin bizy in Drone again
On the stage for a sucker no there ain't no room
I chill with Rap Assassins who live in North Hulme
Real body slammin' music comin' out of your speakers
If you ever wanna battle home boy buy some new speakers
Be prepared to run I won't pull a gun
I'll just hit you with a rhyme guaranteed to stun
And don't ever ask to play cause when I play I slay
I wiped out 80 MCs in one whole day
I just wanted to do it there weren't nothing to it
The crowd was so scared that they never dared to boo it
They just cheer they cheer they cheer they cheer
Except for one mother f***er standing back at the rear
I waited quarter of an hour for the crowd to cease
Someone phoned an ambulance an' someone phoned the police
I thought have I lost my capability to rock
But doctors said home boy was in shock
Well it's sometimes fatal my masterplan
Doctor said home boy he died a happy man
Went to the mortuary found the cause of death
Home boy was biting rhymes and there's no room left
In your brain ya insane trying to bite from me
That's right the Ruthless Rap Assassin called Dan C
Harder than a diamond more precious than platinum
The funky rhymes I keep throwing at 'em
You bite you bite you bite your mistake
Ya on the stage you break that shows that you're a fake
'Cos I rock both sides plus the front and the rear
The cuts are so def that they bum rush your ear
I'll only tell you once listen to the break
When I'm finished with you you'll wanna abdicate
That's right so home boy get off my throne
To me ya just a dog go fetch the bone
That's right I'm Dangerous C I tell you what to do
If you ever try to tackle the Rap Assassins Crew
You meet the man MC K the man Dangerous A
We keep on burning 'till ya skin turns grey
You run around on the stage blowing carbon out of your mouth
But we're an ever everlasting flame and we'll never go out
We'll clout you down to the ground yeah we'll take your last pound
Or is it a dollar we'll still make you scream and holler
Talk about you'll take us out gain a little glory
When I get you by yourself you change the whole damn story
Then you realise I'm a Ruthless rhyme saya
Your posse and your D.J. will even betray ya
You know that the situation can't be solved
You're like an aspirin in the water boy you just dissolve
Drink you down piss you out flush you down to the sewer
Then I chill with the brew waiting for the next crew (HA)
Then I wonder what was your species
You moved with sucker you were human faeces
Sucker MC in your face I poke
Sucker MC no I ain't no joke
Bite a rhyme of mine you're guaranteed to choke
It's like you had an overdose of uncut coke
It's me Dan C the professional chiller
Wanted in most countries for being a killer
To you other MCs you thought you were tough
Well it's just too bad you weren't tough enough
Raggamuffin and wild raw yeah that's what I'm here for
Yeah I talk nasty sucker you can't pass me
Assassin fanatical sect who destroyed all adversaries
I know it sounds scary I told you to be wary
And if you don't believe me well home boy come dare me
Ruthless no pity remorse or sorrow
I'm here today and I'll be here tomorrow

Got the man MC Kermit Le Freak down with the posse
My man Dangerous A Dangerous Hinds
MC B my home boy from Rusholme
And the North Hulme sound
Get down in Drone
MC Tunes my man Buzz B keep comin' keep comin'
Hard and direct NUFF RESPECT