Well it's the rhyme reciting rappers the mic controlling rockers
We earned our reputation as the duplicating stoppers
So listen suckers let me tell you if you ever should meet
On stage or on the street you best prepare for defeat
Because your rhymes have rigor mortis you think flares are in date
Your DJ's wearing platforms couldn't cut up a cake
Your crew is always stating they make money at jams
But when we see them at a party it's at the front door they stand
Cos they fear the Rap Assassins with the lyrical breaks
The perpetrator assassinators who are stalking on fakes
With the logical vocabulary not a hint of repetition
Victorious and furious in any competition
Enticing, decisive with genius to spare
Originator sucker haters so you best steer clear
MC Le Freak I'm leaving suckers emotionally scarred
Dangerous C, I hear a bite and I'm coming in hard.

Not just two in the crew because there is a third
A cryptic cutter but you probably heard
He's the slip wrist scratcher no DJ is faster
His cuts are loud he's the crossfade master
If you want him at a jam or play inside your home
Just dial fresh when you use the telephone
But if the line is always busy if it's always engaged
It's just your girl calling the crew so don't you bust out in a rage
Dangerous Hinds rocks cuts that will drive you insane
Rimshot off your eardrums and fuck with your brain
So when it's time to throwdown give him plenty of room
Cos when this DJ jams he loves nuff volume
We bust a rhyme, he'll add a scratch and tame the wildest beats
You'll be astonished and amazed by his dexterous feats
It's not a duo but a trio on a def jamming spree
And here's advice for your crew beware of the three
Cos he's hard as granite I'm fuckin' insane
Ice cold water races through my veins
We give no chance to opposition they just sit down and listen
When we plug in in two mics and take up our positions
Dangerous C on my left MC Le Freak on my right
We'll always be fresh because we write every night
So bust the tops and lift the bass and kick it down with the beat
We're two rhyme sayers and our DJ makes this jam sound complete

You know that Dangerous is my title and that Hinds is my name
And Dangerous A the def DJ yes we are one and the same
To make you more confused my brother's Dangerous C
But I'm the oldest and the boldest so don't confuse him with me
So when you come into the party and you hear the music playing
Dangerous C is on the mic and he's the one Dee-Jaying
MC Le Freak is also rapping he's got the people clapping
What they're hearing's got them cheering the Ruthless Rap Assassins
Yes we're the pros with the double 'o's because we're licenced to chill
So don't bite our copyright or else we're bound to get ill
We're two def MCs with a fresh DJ
Known as the Rap Assassins and the Dangerous A
Dangerous C that's me a fresh MC
The only mic controller who can jam like me
MC Le Freak yo C a devestating rocker
Together we got rhymes that are bound to shock ya
Dangerous C you're busting lyrics to keep 'em entertained
MC Le Freak you're busting rhymes that'll put 'em in a daze
So listen very closely as we try to explain
It's the Ruthless Rap Assassins that'll make you all rave.

The rhyme creating/lyric making
Innovating/rap defending
Highly rating/sucker hating
Never waiting/operating
Originating/lyric stating
Crew with the cuts to keep the B-Boys in the house breaking.