Well we're the crew from the north
We've been gone for a while
But we heard about the suckers perpetrating our style
Don't try to get with us with the rhymes that we write
Cos remember our bark is worse than your bite
We're here to tell you that we are the crew
Who do not give a damn
The Ruthless Rap Assassins shocking out when we jam
I'm MC Le Freak I got technique you suckers must admit it
The lines and rhymes of Dangerous Hinds are guaranteed to kick it
I bust it out loud and rock the crowd with the lyrics that I give 'em
With Freak at my side it can't be denied we ride on any rhythm
And don't forget he's jammin' the set he's down with me and me
So come correct give 'nuff respect to the man called Dangerous C

If you come from the north you can't be soft
You've got to do it proper
Cos if you fail you can bet your tail
That someone else will drop ya
Up north it's like a jungle and every crew is hunting
You're coming up here You'd best beware
We've got no time for fronting
Just make sure that your lyrics are fresher than fresh
Or we'll kick your monkey ass and then we'll feast on your flesh
We'll have your guts for garters and we'll chew on your bones
So if you ain't cold crushin' put down your microphones
Sucker MC in the place to be we just told you to settle
The man at the back is on the attack and stinging like a nettle
He'll slice and dice then in a trice without a word of warning
He'll stop the track He'll spin it back and then he'll start transforming

My name ain't Smiley Culture and my name ain't Tippa Irie
The beat we bust is Hip-Hop but we're chatting reggae stylee
It isn't strictly reggae cos the Englishmen demand it
We have to do it this way so that they can understand it
Enunciating clearly at a medium pace
We've got the beat we got the lyrics
Now bring in the bass

We don't do this for nothing boys we do it for cash
But now's the time to bust a rhyme and take out the trash
Cos we're the masters of the microphone we love the young ladies
And when we're taking them out we're taking them out in twos and threes
But when they see you and your monkey ass crew, young ladies start to tease
Because your hair looks dirty could it be you got fleas
Our rhymes are so chill they could make you freeze
But badder still they make you ill and bring you to your knees
Your body will get colder by several degrees
That's when your nose starts running and you get the urge to sneeze
You might ask me for money but I tell you hard cheese
I've seen that boot you call your girl and it seems to me that she's
Got some kind of sexually communicable disease
I think it could be AIDS or it might be herpes
If I were you I'd lock her up and throw away the keys
It's like that y'all it's like this y'all
Cos when we're on the mic we take the piss y'all
We're the Ruthless Rap Assassins and we are for real
And if you suckers can't hear you suckers must feel

We got proposition for all suckers and their crews
We're gonna make an offer that you can't refuse
You get no second warning you get only one chance
So when we're on the mic get on the floor and dance