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You could start by taking a look at the Rap Assassins page on Wikipedia. One of the places they recorded was Moles Studio and they have a site, complete with list of past clients. There's a good RRA Page and some Wallpapers available from the Heroes of UK Hip-Hop Pages. You can uncover some interesting artifacts at MDMA - the Manchester District Music Archive.

Producer Greg Wilson has a significant web presence. You can visit his Blog, find him on Twitter and Facebook. There's also an interesting interview with him available from the Jazz Diaries site.

There's a site for Microdot (Brian Cannon), who designed most of the sleeves for the Assassins' releases. You'll also find Microdot on Facebook. Photographer Ian Tilton's Site is well worth a look.

You can read an article on Cities in the Park, an open air concert in Manchester in 1991. Apparently, on a bill featuring Manchester's great and good, only the Rap Assassins stood out - until the power failed!

You can read a review of 'Solid Nourishment', the LP from Kermit's Big Dog on the Independent Web Site, and an interview from Designer Magazine. There are a few Black Grape sites on the net in varying states of decay, but All Music and United Manchester are pretty good sites to start from.

Obtaining Rap Assassins Recordings

The recently launched Original Dope imprint has re-released the Killer Album - you can buy the CD and even T-Shirts directly from them.

The UK Record shop directory is a good starting point, as are GEMM, the 'Global Electronic Music Marketplace', Netsounds, 'the UK's No 1 Music Market Place' and MusicStack. Here are a few sites that have had RRA material advertised for sale in the past here;

Amazon - Both re-released and original material available (including MP3)
eBay - Always a good source of releases on all physical formats
More Music - have had releases from RRA and Kiss AMC
Nordik Records - had the Killer Album available
The British Vinyl Network - had a couple of 12"s

Other Hip-Hop Artists or Sites

Please note the following are bands or types of music that I personally like. No connection with the Rap Assassins implied (unless noted!).

British Hip-Hop ( - Featuring the UK Hip-Hop Database
Crucial Electro Links
Electro Empire
HipHopSite Dot Com 
The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary 
Stereo MCs
Mr.Bongo - Excellent Record Shop  

Other Links

The Motherpage! - Parliafunkadelicment, as sampled by the Assassins (site has an excellent P-Funk Discography) 
Beastie Boys/Grand Royal Records
The Dust Brothers - (The originals!), who produced the Beasties and...
Beck - the official Beck site
Kraftwerk - I'm ze operator vith my pocket calculator...
England's Finest - Pop Will Eat Itself
Artist Direct - The Ultimate Band List