Friends' Web Sites

Not many sites left! They've all grown up and stopped making web pages...

The Richmond School Yearbook 1991 - David Hall's scanned the Yearbook from my old School in. Oh good.
Play TicTacPeeps - And here's his Java Noughts and Crosses Game

Boozy Do!

VodkaPhiles - Reviews and History of this great drink

Miscellaneous Links - Anything new or left over...

The Journal - North-East and World News
Time Out - Worldwide City Guides
Bridgend Rugby -2003 Welsh Premiership Champions
BBC News - Welsh Rugby Union
UK Street Map Page - Search by Street, Postcode etc.
World Time Zones
UK Teletext Site - Isn't bad, but I prefer...
RTE Teletext - ...which has a link to their live Teletext pages