Searching the Internet

Google - Very comprehensive search engine
Yahoo! - Historically one of the most comprehensive indexes
Alternatively, use the box below for a quick Yahoo! UK and Ireland Search.
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Search Engine Watch - See what people are searching for

Internet Utilities

Internet Archive - snapshots of web sites past content
Deja News - searchable archives of all the major Internet Newsgroups
WWPing - Verify Internet WWW Servers

Free Internet Resources

Yahoo! GeoCities - Free E-Mail and Web Space
Fortune City - 25 Megs of Free Web Space
Anonymizer, Inc. - Send anonymous E-Mail messages

Internet Site Creation

The HTML Goodies Page - Good HTML Programming Tutorials
Matt's Script Archive - Excellent source of CGI Scripts
Visibone's Color Lab - Useful tool for creating colour schemes in Web Pages
Creating Web Graphics - Where my counter came from